7mm King Byzantine Bali Chain Necklace Solid 925 Sterling Silver 137GR 22 Inch

Mm Byzantine Mens Chain Necklace. Byzantine Kings Chain, Viking Chain Necklace. Bali Byzantine Necklace, Square Byzantine, S. Link Chain Necklace, Bali Kings Chain Necklace, Square Byzantine Oxide, Bali Byzantine Oxide. … Continue Reading →


KING BABY Day of Dead Integrated SKULL BRACELET Solid 925 Sterling Silver $1310+

King Baby Integrated Day of the Dead Skull Bracelet and curb link bracelet. Double crown toggle accent clasp. My scale stops at 100 grams, so it is nice and heavy. … Continue Reading →


King Legend 2070L-SGX! Rare Large Bore, Solid Sterling Silver Bell/24K Trim

This is a very rare, very hard to find UMI large bore King Legend in the SGX configuration. What the SGX moniker means is that it’s fitted with the SOLID … Continue Reading →